Problems Of Single Parents

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"Mom can you please give me money?"- Asked the son, "no Hun, I didn't get paid yet, they delayed my salary and I just got fired from my other job"-answered the mother. A child in a single parent house is used to words like these. Single parents struggle so much to provide their families with all the support and essentialities. They work hard and try to spend as much time with their children as possible. Some people may say that single parents are the one who made the mistake and became a single parent. So is there a role of single parents played in destroying their children's lives? No! They dedicate their whole life and sacrifice themselves for the well-being of their children. Imagine that one person, one parent has to be two people at once. They have to play a role of a mother and a father at once. Not…show more content…
Being a single parent needs hard work and is difficult because it confronts financial issues, it is time consuming, and it affects the child's behavior. Sometimes the essential reason like divorce itself is also one of the struggles of single parenting. One of the biggest problems or more likely said struggles that a single parent faces is financial issues. A single parent has to work double the work two parents usually work, and unfortunately they get half the money two parents get. Single parents often get judged by others or even by their own children that they do not give the children enough money or do not buy their children everything they want. What these people do not understand is that a single parent works hard and does whatever it takes to provide their child with everything he needs. Yes, sometimes it is not what the children actually want, but it is all the parent is capable of. A single parent not only cannot buy or give as much money as a child

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