Importance Of Children In Nurture

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Gabdulkhakov Arslan Professor Khokholova N. FYS 100 20 september, 2014 Nurture is necessary. The children brought up in a wrong way are less possible for self-fulfillment. Most of the kids nurtured in this way experiencing troubles. The educating is forming a child as a person. In the ages of childhood peoples mind are very flex so it is very easy to break their understanding of a real life. Even a small event can make their life outlook sorrowful. It is very difficult for them to adopt in society; contrary, they may be involved in juvenile delinquency. Both types of nurture strict and over-protection are considered to be wrong and parents are responsible for that. Each word they say or not can leave a negative imprint on a child’s consciousness.…show more content…
Growing up in a single parent family can bring certain problems for an adolescent, such as understanding roles in the household. Not having the right gender around to learn from, and the amount of social qualities towards the same or opposite sex. There are many examples showing how it affects children. Important factor for parents for educate children, is that their methods should go from child- to adulthood. To influence someone, is to have an impact in someone’s life so much that it will take what has been absorbed, apply it towards life. As I already mentioned children are very flexible, they learn this world through copying and repeating it. They try to repeat habits made by people around them. The way to a raise a child affects how the child becomes an adult, taking on mature responsibilities. Some of the influences that involve the upbringing process are inside and outside the household; single or both parents being in the household. Outside influences would be the media, social interaction with peers as well as the environment that someone is exposed to. These factors will show that the single/dual parenting upbringing affects someone in decision making such as marriages, careers, and etc. The experiences someone has growing with a single parent may have a diverse effect than someone with both parents. Majority of children have grew up in the household with at least one parent or guardian, are able to socially interact with others based on the interaction they receive at home. With that interaction along with other factors, single parent upbringing can affect the things decisions a child make when matured. A good example is a life of J.J.Rousseau in which women was not playing the last role. Beginning from his childhood, women in his life had well along with bad affect on him. For example, event related to his birth, and death of his mother, made him blaming himself until the end of his

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