Cause Conflict In Family

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According to Aluwi (2015), in Selangor, the divorce cases has increased from 6162 for year 2013 to 6912 for year 2014 which was something that need to be feared of. Eventhough there are many ways that Selangor Islamic Religious Department did to control the problem, the figure keep on rising. Divorce is something that needed to be avoided at all cost. In Islam, divorce is also known as Talaq is strongly criticized. If couples cannot solve any problem, they can refer or getting advised from counsellors before decided to separate. If they really divorced, what will happen to the children? Who will take care of them? If the parents fight for the full custody, it still can be accepted but if the parents fight for not willingly to take care of…show more content…
According to Sheffield (2013), sometimes mothers are trying hard to be anything just for the children including being a father but they are wrong because they know they can never a good father to the children. Only fathers can. Father is someone that children look up to with respect and admire. So they can know a lot of know-how from him what mother do not know. Boys sometimes learn many basic thing such as how to be a gentleman, how to tackle a girl and so on. Girls can also learn how to defend themselves if they are in danger. Of course mothers can too but the ways of approach are different. People said mothers being emotional while fathers being realistic and cool at the same time. Chaen (2015) suggested that many fathers saying that a child that been raised by them can be better than child that being raised by the mother which is true but not full hundred percent. Children also need a touch of their fathers. But sometimes a father cannot understand the feelings of the daughter. The emotions of daughter sometimes can be understood by the mother and there are cases when some daughters being raised by the fathers, their personalities can be quite rough and harsh but still respect to people. Besides, being a single parent can be hard for some people. A single parent had to work harder than two-parent as…show more content…
Parenting can come with love together with the disciplines. How can we know that that way is effective or not? Actually no one can be sure whether that way is the right or wrong, sometimes even if you were right, but the results turned out bad, people still called it a mistake. So, one thing for sure, parents need to believe their instinct when they want to do something towards the children. Just focus on what the children need while ignoring what people say. The children are theirs, so only they know what the best for them even according to people, that way is wrong. By proving the love for the children, it can be called the best way of parenting. No parents hate their children. Without getting tired of being rejected, keep showing them that parents still love them eventhough they are not together anymore. Children are fragile and once they broken, it will cause a lifetime. So parents need to avoid being selfish, stubborn and so on. Start taking care of the children and spend time with them. Hugs, pecks and snuggling can be ways to show the love and making the gaps decrease slowly. Go shopping, watching television, cooking and so on can also activities that can be done together. Of course, children can stubborn and reluctant at first but keep trying and parents will get a satisfying result in future. Other than that, communication with each other can

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