Abuse And Neglect In Child Development

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There are four types of development, physical, cognitive, emotional, and social. Physical development is the growth of gross and fine motor, skills. Gross motor skills are walking, running, throwing, and crawling. Fine motor skills are writing, holding a fork, and using scissors. Physical development is also the easiest to see. Cognitive development is the development of the mind. This development includes learning to recite the alphabet, recognize shapes and colors, problem solve, and use words and phrases. Emotional development is learning what feelings are and being able to recognize what they mean and why they happen. Social development is learning how to interact with other people. There are many things and situations that can affect…show more content…
The earlier abuse and neglect occur in a child's life the more severe the impact. Furthermore, the stage of development, while the abuse occurs will influence the type and severity of the consequences. Additionally, the more chronic and long- lasting the abuse and neglect, the more harmful it is. When the abuse and neglect are caused, by parents or another significant figure a child, becomes confused because their supposed source of safety is the source of their harm. Different types of abuse, such as physical, emotional, and sexual have different consequences, but the consequences of all maltreatment, are likely to happen in three stages. Firstly, a child may have an initial reaction such as post-traumatic symptoms, painful emotions, and cognitive distortions. Secondly, children develop coping strategies that are aimed to help increase their safety or reduce their pain. Thirdly, a child's sense of self-worth is damaged and develop the feeling of shame and hopelessness. All abuse is harmful, but has different effects on…show more content…
When a child moves around a lot, it can affect their social development causing other problems. Also living in poor neighborhoods can affect a child, for they're very sensitive to their surroundings. And the relationship between a child's parents can have different outcomes for a child. There are many things that can go into effect that cause foster children to have problems. And both substance abuse and violence within parents cause problems for children's development. In addition, it doesn't matter what type of abuse a child goes through because they all cause problems in development. All of these have been seen to have an affect on a child's

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