Civil Engineering As A Career

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In a world that is continually growing and evolving and problems such as global warming and population growth becoming ever more real, the need for innovation and fresh ideas from the engineering world becomes increasingly evident. It is this that attracts me to civil engineering as a career because although I am aware of the many pressures and demands I would be facing, the sense of achievement and the knowledge that I would be making a difference to the lives of others would be of great personal reward to me! My fascination for engineering started when I was young, and has only increased since then. I enjoyed playing video and computer games that required planning and strategy. I watched 'Extreme Engineering' when it first aired on the Discovery…show more content…
This interest was then nurtured during my schooling and college years - at school learning about the history of art and how the smallest engineering discoveries led to the biggest architectural breakthroughs, for instance the impact that the arch, concrete and the dome had on Ancient Roman and proceeding architecture. In college I thoroughly enjoyed mathematics and physics particularly in the applied sections, and although my grades do not reflect this, a big portion of my gap year has already been spent on preparation towards of their…show more content…
I also had a job as a general labourer working under the site manager on a building site where I worked alongside the tradesmen and occasionally the architect, thereby gaining valuable experience in keeping to the strict requirements of working to time schedules and regulations, planning, problem solving and keeping quality of work up and expenses down. Previous to that I worked at my local supermarket as a general assistant and was eventually promoted to a team leader. I was responsible for liaising with my managers and keeping them up to date with what was happening around the store and making sure my staff knew what was expected of them throughout their shifts as well as doing my own work around the store. This taught me how to deal with people in a variety of situations in a polite and professional manner while also greatly improving my communicational and social skills. Being born and raised in South Africa and having made the transition and adaptation to English culture and way of life with ease, I have no doubt I would adapt in much the same way to university life. Also I think it is important that I have witnessed the differences in infrastructure between developed and third world countries and their respective effects on the surrounding

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