Problems Of Noise Pollution

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The problem of noise pollution in the world has a significant impact on societies in terms of health and money, and will increase gradually if no action is taken to protect those societies and find suitable solutions to reduce this pollution. In this research, railway noise pollution has been discussed to investigate to what extent does it impact people who are exposed to it regularly. A sample from the north area of Brussels has been questioned to provide real and concise evidence about the existence of the noise pollution in the area. Proved evidence has shown that some people do suffer from railway noise, and that may even affect their sleep during the night, while others not. The reason behind this difference involves several factors. Some of…show more content…
However, this pollution is not sourced only from trains, but also from trams, airplanes, and cars (all combined). Trams has taken the first place as the main source of noise pollution in the area. Therefore, a thorough investigation about the noise pollution coming from trams needs to be considered also. Despite the researcher's initial theory of noise pollution increasing proportionately with the proximity of the building to the railway tracks, it turns out that this factor does not affect the noise level at all, as some of the respondents confirmed that they hear nothing although they were the closest to the tracks. This is since other sources of noise pollution (trams, cars, people, etc.) are covering over the railway noise pollution. If all sources of noise pollution will be analyzed and avoided, we will then have a clean and non-polluted areas, even though they are still locating at the same place. Consequently, people will enjoy a healthy life and will be ready to perform better without suffering from any external noise, nor having alternative solution to protect themselves by

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