Forgiveness In Islam

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What does it mean to be a Muslim today? To be a Muslim today, or any day, is to live in accordance with the will and pleasure of Allah and to follow the morals that, in other words makes us a better person wholly. The morals of a person are what makes the person. The Islamic moral system stems from its primary creed of belief in One God as the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. Islam considers the human race to be a part of God’s creation, and as His subjects. In this case, Islamic morals tend to be the morals every human should pursue, but this is just my personal opinion. I choose to write about this topic to give the attention that this topic deserves, to raise the awareness of all the challenges Muslims, these days, are facing. The biggest…show more content…
Forgiveness, it is regarded as an important moral and virtue in the Islam world, inspired by both the Quran and the Sunah. The issue of forgiveness can take on two different forms: God's forgiveness for human beings for their sins, and forgiveness among fellow human beings for each other. In the first instance, human beings have been asked to seek God's forgiveness for their sins, and they have been promised God's mercy and forgiveness. In the second instance, human beings have been encouraged to practice the act of forgiveness among themselves. To forgive and to forget is followed by many Muslims and may people. But the issue in forgiveness is that people define forgiveness differently. Many just forgive because they do not want to deal with the pain of having to argue, yet in their heart they haven’t forgiven. And that is not forgiveness in its fullest. Others forgive someone when they are unable to take vengeance. This kind of pardon is, in fact, tantamount to patience and forbearance and not to forgiveness. In other words, it is a kind of helplessness and debility. So, in other words to solve this situation, the
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