Pro Life Essay On Abortion

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“Abortion,’ just the word stirs up controversial topics and emotional devastation. It is the removal of an unborn baby from the mother, therefore ending the pregnancy. Almost all of the babies aborted die in the process. Very few have been recorded to survive. The legalization of abortion in nineteen seventy-three caused people to line the streets in protest calling abortion murder. Many debates litter the country on the subject of abortion. There are two different viewpoints to abortion. One view, known as pro-life, sees abortion as the immoral murder of unborn children. Supporters of pro-life quote religious scriptures, moral values, and the life of the child to protect the unborn babies. The opposing view, known as pro-choice, comprehends abortion as a way for women to express their rights. Supporters of pro-choice claim women’s rights and facts to prove that a fetus is not alive. What many pro-choice supporters do not realize is that the unborn children who are aborted can feel love and pain as much, if not more intensely than, any other human being. Another topic not fully comprehended is the post-abortion effects on women. Some women may not be affected by the procedure, but most are hurt physically and are not able to have children after an abortion. Others suffer emotionally and fall into a deep depression supported by the feeling of guilt for killing an innocent life. Abortion is not only…show more content…
Robert J. White, professor of neurosurgery at Case Western University states “[a fetus] is fully capable of experiencing pain.” Six to seven weeks into the pregnancy, an unborn baby has developed a heart, which beats at a regular pattern and pumps blood through the main vessels. When a person is cut or injured, their body naturally reacts with the sense of pain. The natural reaction is to scream or yell. An unborn baby
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