My College Admissions Essay: My Experience As A Student Ambassador

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Growing up my family was poor, but my parents made sure that me and my siblings always had what we needed and continuously supported us as we grew and tried to follow our dreams. Although neither of my parents obtained a college degree they understood that education was important and constantly encouraged us to take an interest in our school work. This encouragement helped me to develop a love of reading, which has been an asset to my education. I never had a relationship with my biological father and my mother divorced my step father before I developed a relationship with him. When I was six she remarried the man who I come to know as my father. Once they were married, he adopted me and raised me as if I were his daughter. I was excited to…show more content…
I immediately fell in love with horseback riding and was soon competing in multiple rodeo events and in hunter jumper shows. After observing my dedication, my grandmother purchased me a horse. Taking care of a horse at a young age taught me responsibility and patience. As a teenager, I became involved in 4-H and entered the State Ambassador program. In the 4-H State Ambassador program my public speaking skills flourished. In my last year I was elected president of the program and spoke in front of large crowds at the capitol building in Carson City and at events hosted at the University of Nevada, Reno. My 4-H advisor nominated me for a People to People Student Ambassadorship. The People to People program invited me to travel to Italy and Greece, where I learned about the culture and preformed community service projects. My time abroad gave me the opportunity to observe life outside of Nevada and to interact with a diverse range of…show more content…
I spent several semesters taking classes in those majors, but I never felt like I was in the right place. Eventually I realized that those majors were not right for me and I began taking classes in different fields and volunteering at different organizations to find out what I wanted to pursue. The answer came in the form of a constitutional law class. The class required me to read and interpret cases each week. I found the work interesting, I was always excited to read the cases and attended the classes. At the end of the semester I felt like I had learned more in my constitutional law class than any class. At the end of the semester I changed my major to political science and for the first time since enrolling in college I felt confident in my major. An internship at the Nevada Attorney General’s Office helped me confirm that law school was the right choice for me. Interacting with lawyers in different fields and attending Continuing Legal Education classes reinforced the confidence I had in my major and my career

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