Martha Stewart Organized Crime Analysis

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Networks of Organizations and Businesses Shirin Hosein 1001891893 Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 Word Count: 1,812 Martha Stewart is a well-known celebrity, from being her own TV show host, to magazines, she is known for her line of home decorating items. On December 27th 2001 Martha disposed approximately $228, 000 of ImClone Systems stock, saving herself more than $51, 000. As a result, raised red flags for government officials as it was just one day prior to ImClone receiving a rejection from the FDA for their new cancer drug, consequently sending their stocks crashing down. In addition to stepping down from her own company, Stewart was found guilty of conspiracy, making false statements as well as obstruction of justice,…show more content…
There are a variety of ways in which these crimes occur and majority, if not all, tend to be extremely intricate. Corruption is the leading cause of crimes such as embezzlement, it has been witnessed in major organizations, such as the government. The author goes into large detail about why the government is as corrupted as it is, and then explains why it contributes to organized crimes. Fantaye states that "organised crime could not flourish without bribery," in which he goes on to say that organized crimes exist because the government is not able to stop the corruption of its officials/enforcers. The author explains that organized crimes such as embezzlement is usually committed by the law-abiding portion of the population as they work as an employee. As an effect, the economy of the country gets weakened and all levels of business are considered to be corrupt. To stop the corruption it requires active participants and a variety of powerful groups, putting forth a long-term commitment. Recently, the United Nations, as well as a handful of other strong organizations, have implicated conventions and declarations to avoid corruption like embezzlement on such a large

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