Differences And Similarities Between Democrats And Republicans

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Democratic and republican project essay There are a lot of similarities and differences between democrats and republicans. For instance both the democrats and republicans have similar and different views regarding Tax policy, Social issues, Labor and Free trade, Health care, Foreign policy, environment issues, crime and capital punishment, and education. When it comes to tax policy both Democrats and Republicans believe that there should be cuts made toward taxes. Democrats believe that tax cuts should be made in certain areas, only for the middle and low income families that can’t already barely afford the house they live in and the food they need. But they do not believe that the taxes should be cut for everyone like the Republicans believe,…show more content…
Democrats believe in more limited manpower and more targeted strikes, as for republicans they believe that we should send out full military aid and manpower. Both the democratic and Republican Party both disagree on how environmental issues should be handled for instance, Democrats believe in restricting drilling for oil or of fossil fuels to protect the environment. While Republicans favor expanded drilling in which to produce more energy for a lower cost . Democrats will try to push and support with tax dollars for an alternative energy solutions while the Republicans favor allowing the market to decide which forms of energy are practical. Democrats believe in protecting the environment while republicans believe in making more money whatever the cost. When it comes to crime and capital punishment Republicans believe in a harsher punishment, they believe that if you commit a crime that you should be punish. While Democrats are more liberal in their views, believing that crimes do not involve violence and should have lighter penalties and rehabilitation. They are also against capital punishment in any form. While Republicans generally favor capital

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