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When reading the essay question, a thought came to my mind. The thought was whether language plays an equal importance in different areas of knowledge. This is so as if we do not understand the significant of language to all aspects to knowledge, we will not understand the significant of the l!oss of language to each aspects of knowledge.! Language is a way of knowing as it enables the communication and sharing of knowledge that is valuable for the coming era. Language role varies with the six areas of knowledges. The area of knowledges I am focusing on, by giving examples, are ethics, natural science and arts. The role of language I deem is very considerable in ethics, substantial in natural science and limited in the arts. Supplementary ways of knowing to add on are emotion and reason with perception. Emotion is used along with language to better understand ethics and arts. Reason and perception on the o!ther hand is used with natural since on top of Language so that it can be better comprehended.! Ethic are standards that oversee human conduct in reference to what is right and wrong. Ethic uses languages and emotion hand in hand as a way of knowing. Language can be used to bring about emotion. Emotions are then able to influence our ethical choices. An illustration of this is the topic of abortion and euthanasia. This controversy has…show more content…
Binomial nomenclature show the fundamental role language has through the generalisation of knowledge regarding to animal species. Binomial nomenclature allows for natural science to be shared and taught as well as the updating of it with new knowledges. Using a common language for binomial nomenclature will allow the collaboration of scientist all over the world towards a common goal of having a greater understanding of evolution. This greater understanding can help us predict and t!hus prepare for future evolutional activity that may affect human

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