W. Scott Poole's Analysis

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As an academic writer, W. Scott Poole has the ability to both convey his message in an educated manner and support his work in a way that is easy for his audience to comprehend. His work contains high levels of ethos, pathos, and logos allowing his readers to be drawn into his work and hold a deeper understanding of America’s past. Throughout his work, Poole refuses to spare his readers the horrific details and includes vivid imagery that frightens even the strongest individual. For example, Poole states, “As late as 1934, a murderous mob killed Claude Neal in Florida, first cutting off his penis and testicles and forcing him to consume them” (86). I truly enjoy the emotion he is able to create and his use of strong images due to the fact that I can feel myself being placed inside these real life experiences. I feel I learn best when I am provided with visual assistance, therefore, Poole’s descriptions help me to connect with the reading and comprehend the main messages.…show more content…
For example, Poole provides a lot of information within one chapter to support his thesis. Poole uses the film version of Frankenstein, the entertainment Americans experienced while watching live hangings and abuse, freak shows, the Scopes Monkey Trail, and many more as examples in chapter 3 of Monsters in America. While I believe it is good to have a lot of support throughout your writing, Poole’s support appears to be too much. His overuse of examples begins to crowd the brain and, therefore, led me to misinterpret the main message or overlook it

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