Don Marquis Why Abortion Is Immoral Analysis

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Don Marquis pointed out that abortion is serious wrong morally.His’ article,”Why Abortion Is Immoral?”,has been highly anthologized at April 1989. Marquis criticizes the argument between anti-abortion and pro-choice always uses the same point to attack each other.It is the result of stand-off results and forming a vicious cycle. Marquis explains why abortion is immoral without assuming the personhood of the fetus.It skips the argument of Judith Thomson, which is the right of the mother to choose abortion.However, he claims his argument can avoid the stand-off result in the debate of whether the fetus has the right or not by the FLO theory alone. Is it really correct in ethics aspect? In my opinions, Marquis’s argument cannot have a reasonable…show more content…
He thought that killing adults and children are serious wrong because killing deprives the future value of victims, which is called the FLO theory. Based on the misfortune of a premature death, the victim will miss his future to appreciate the memory. Also, he provides four arguments for defending his’ argument. Firstly, he said dying patients regard a misfortune of their premature death because it entails the loss of the FLO. Secondly, killing is one of the worst of crimes in law and ethics.By depriving the victim of his FLO, it brings the greatest harm. Thirdly, in animals argument, suffering is a misfortune, therefore inflicting suffering is presumptively wrong, no matter on whom it is inflicted and whether it is inflicted on persons or non-persons. Similarly, the loss of FLO is a misfortune, therefore it is wrong to deprive someone’s FLO, no matter whether the deprivation is inflicted on persons or non-persons.Finally, it is wrong to end the life or the treatment of a person who is permanently or temporarily unconscious.It can explain present consciousness, including the fetus, is not a necessary condition for the wrongness of killing and…show more content…
Based on abortion will actively take away the fetus’ FLO, abortion is morally wrong. Actually, the result of both active killing and passive letting die will become the same, which is the victim losing their FLO. Marquis says premature death is misfortune because it causes the loss of the FLO. And then, both active killing and passive letting die will deprive the FLO. There should not be any difference between them.Therefore, if Marquis just uses the FLO alone, he cannot reject my objection. However, he still can say that the major difference of them is the person may or may mot send the agent of harm to another.It means the mother chooses to abortion is equal to killing or harming the fetus directly. However, you have no responsibility to help one you do not know. And then, he should nullify the claim of using the FLO theory to prove only.Hence, the first premise is still

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