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Abortion: An Ethical Dilemma in Nursing If you were to ask any man or women whether murder should be legal, almost all would strongly say no. However, if asked about abortion there would be a mixed response. Abortion is a sensitive subject with a variety of strong opinions and concerns. Abortion is also an ethical dilemma in nursing. As a nursing student it is important for me to understand the ethics of abortion and establish my stance on the issue. This is necessary in order to determine the best solution to deal with a difficult solution that may arise in the future. One way to do this is to use the ethical-decision making model. The first step in the ethical-decision making model is to clarify the ethical dilemma, in this case abortion.…show more content…
One of the most important ethical issues of abortion is to establish when an embryo/fetus is distinguished as alive and an abortion should no longer be legal. Several suggestions have been made such as when the baby is conceived, has a heartbeat, has human appearance, or is sensitive to pain (Chaloner, 2007). In 13 states abortion is prohibited after a certain number of weeks, usually 24 weeks (Gross, 2002). However, late term abortions are usually acceptable in order to save the mother’s life (Gross, 2002). After gathering additional data, it is then important to identify the options of the ethic dilemma. Abortion is an ethical dilemma with a variety of opinions. There are two main arguments of abortion, pro-choice and pro-life. There are several points that can be made for the argument of ‘pro-choice’, or the right of the mother to choose whether she wants to abort the pregnancy or not. One of these points is that it is a woman’s body and she should have the moral right to decide what happens to it (Chaloner, 2007). While the fetus’s life isn’t necessarily less significant than the mothers, it can be disputed that the fetus’s life is only a potential life, while the mother already has a fully formed life. (Chaloner, 2007). Another opinion is that a baby should not come into the world not wanted. According to The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment…show more content…
Don Marquis has one of the most widely read essays on the pro-life argument of abortion (Gelfand, 2001). The main point of his essay was the fact that an unborn fetus is no different than an adult. Life begins at conception and abortion is killing a fetus and taking away its possibility of a valuable future (Gelfand, 2001). Another issue with abortion is the problem of women using abortion as a form of contraception. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that in 2010 8.5% of abortions reported were undergone by women who had previously had three or more abortions. (Pazol, Creanga, Burley, Hayes, Jamieson, 2013) This is alarming that some people do not seem to take abortions as seriously as terminated a possible

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