Abortion Ethical Dilemmas

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Nursing is careers where ethical dilemmas and moral conflict exist nearly every day. These conflicts are not easy to face because is not easy to know the right from the wrong, therefor they are not easy to solve. These conflict it’s always about the patient care and health, mostly the nurses the ask them self that is the right thing to do, what should I do, and is right to ignore the patient wishes even if it is not for his own sake. One example of ethical dilemmas is pro-life versus pro-choice, is when the mother has the right to choice abortion, at the same time the fetus has the right to life. So who has the right to disused for this fetus to life or not, all this will be disuse in the essay. First of all, to define abortion it’s and intended…show more content…
Whereas nowadays, woman trend to do whatever they want. Therefore one of the most evident consequences that may it impact on the women’s behaviour relates to the lack of attachment that affect the child self-esteem and self-confidence and other attention deficit behavioural issues. Apart from the mentally related issues that could occur for that lack of maternal attention like a child battery or abuse. In addition of that the pro-choice advocates tend to spotlight on a greater notice on parents who do not want having an unwanted…show more content…
It is also disagree that abortion treats humans simply as a means to an end in that abortion can be seen as a neglect of a fetus in which the pregnant woman no longer has any interest to the fetus. Pro-life vs pro-choice are a very confusing dilemmas for nurses because they don’t know who to act and what should the follow. To make this confusing topic more comfortably to sake to other health care provider opinion or set a meeting with other nurses and the head nurses of department to see what the think. At end all health care and nurses they thing for the patient care. To sum up, every group have their values that based on evidence and each of them they seem right, but is all about the delivering the justes to both the mother and the fetus. Because we cannot focus on the mother choice and forget the fetus life or other way around. If pre choice group consider that the mother as autonomy and fall control over their own body but that we will harm the fetus. On the other hand, the pre life group show that the fetus has a right to life without harm which affect the mother autonomy and right to speak of them self. That is why we are having a dilemma which we have to choice that none of them are

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