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Many people when asked can easily identify what the term “gang” means. Most people associate the term gang with a group of people and violence. The real definition of the term gang defined by the Oxford English Dictionary is “a set of things or people”. Street gangs is a common misconception of the term gangs. Prison gangs are a type of gang that affects lives of prisoners every day. There are said to be a few positives with prison gangs, but are those positives really something to be positive about? Gangs have been around for been in America for quite sometime. Different types of street gangs are sometimes taught in various history classes except for prison gangs. America prison gangs have been in the prisons since the 1950 (Mizzi, 2015).…show more content…
It is even said that “new inmates are actually encouraged to affiliate themselves with a gang by correctional officers for their own protection”(Mizzi, 2015). To those outside of the prison lifestyle this could be seen as a taboo since we as a society wish for gangs to stop instead of officers encouraging it. What is not know is that prison gangs can be somewhat of a benefit to the staff in these prisons. Prison gangs establish a leader, someone who is in control of everyone of that specific gang. Recruiting new inmate into these gangs such as the Nuestra Familia, the Mexican Mafia, the Aryan Brotherhood, and the Black Guerrilla Family, inmates have a leader they look up to. Since the numbers of inmates joining prison gangs have increased, the rate of inmate homicide has declined by 94% between 1973 and 2003 (Mizzi, 2015). Prison gangs are given negative stereotypes by society, but are in no way more “likely to engage in violent misconduct behind bars than…show more content…
The article I chosed to do is very different than what I had thought I would've done when I first picked this topic. I decided to do this article, The Behavioral Economist’s Case for Prison Gangs written by Shannon Mizzi, because it wasn't what i would call a “normal” article on prison gangs. This article I believe was written to show that although prison gangs are not something society would want to wish continue to grow in their prisons, there can be numerous benefits to having them. As stated in the article with the increase of prison gangs the inmate homicide rate has declined along with violence compared to inmates who are not associated with a gang, but although these declines are something we wish to continue to see in prison it does not mean it does not exist and it does not still happen. This means that just because rates have lowered does not mean that gang violence in prison does not still happen. With contraband still being a major issue that still needs to addressed, gangs take selling and trading of contraband into their own hands, creating their own laws which do not always have the best solutions to them. Contraband is an issue that I believe helps gangs survive and strive. As stated in the article gangs have some positives and negatives to them. Gangs have helped prison officials stop riots and have contributed to the lowering of the inmate homicide rates,

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