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Gang Violence Rodney Thomas Sr. Western International University Behavior Healthcare Systems BEH-450-3862 Professor Brackman March 26, 2018 Gang Violence According to the national gang center the trends in prevalence rates of gang problems are staggering across areas and types of all levels. Gang problems and violence are most widespread in the largest cities in the United States. In addition, a recent reported street gang membership and violence in the communities has increased in jurisdiction. The severity of gang activity in the community is often measured by the numbers of gang related homicides. The cause of gang violence can be narrowed to many involving factors. Some of the common more common reasons for joining a gang includes…show more content…
One common reason is the lack of attention on a positive note can be a primary reason for individuals to incorporate themselves with gangs and gang violence. Without one receiving positive attention it will only feed the need of belonging to something or someone. Joining a gang may give certain members the sense of belonging as the person have access to more than one father figure (Ritter, L. & Manly Lampkin, S. 2012) joining a gang can also be due to peer pressure and severe environmental factors as well. Exposure to gang activity and gang violence can have various effects on one’s mental health (Marion R. 2014) a recent report has revealed there is a correlation between anger and depression and anger and disassociation regarding young members who join gangs. Further research suggests that anger and aggression can manifest in a number of ways for example, the victim or witness of gang violence expressing their frustration and depression or to use it as a safeguard for themselves through disassociation, and not recalling traumatic…show more content…
In preventing attempts, communities must supervise, train teachers and parents to productively manage disruption in youths. First and foremost parents need to get more involved with the wellbeing of their adolescents and teen activities. Parent’s awareness and workshops can be provided to educate parents on the signs and symptoms of gang involvement and alcohol and drug use. Gang violence in all areas is growing and there seems to be no decrease in the many activities they cover and the crimes the

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