Prison Gang History

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The gang situation in America has spread and grown in counties and cities. Parallel to the growth is the emergence of prison gangs in penitentiary institutions. The number of such groups cannot be determined because the institutions could not admit that there is a security threat in the prisons. In addition, information on the accurate number of America’s prisoners that are part of gang activity may be difficult to determine (Carlie, 2012). However, research shows that prison gangs are prevalent in America and other countries all over the world. This paper presents findings on the history and background of prison gangs, the way in which they took over the institutions, the issue of racism and segregation, sexual behavior, overcrowding and prison…show more content…
For instance, the Aryan Brotherhood is one of the known brutal bands that are isolated from other inmates because they tend to murder them. This brotherhood and others such as the Guerrilla Family are self-declared racist organizations that preach race wars and even incite an overthrow of the government. Racist gang member look out for their brothers like during lights out in the jails where the leaders gather their members in their blocks. This also ensures that they are disciplined as compared to a non-member who misbehaves and is punished by the leaders. In this regard, the leaders secure their members from being attacked by Hispanic or Black groups within the establishments (Wood, 2014). Sexual behavior in the detention centers is a matter of great concern. Inmates that are detained for sexual offense are often singed out and are compelled to become punks in the institutions. This term means that they are forced into homosexual activity and are therefore considered weaker than the other inmates. They are considered feminine and are forced to submit to the prisoners deemed masculine. The population of the sexual offenders is disproportional and therefore these people are usually at high risk due to the victimization they experience (Wildeman and Christopher,…show more content…
The topics of great concern in this case include the imprisonment system, the aim of prison sentences, criminal sentencing system, prison accommodation standards, adequate provision of rehabilitative and healthcare services, prison budgetary allocation, criminal sanction systems, crime development and determination of life incarceration. All these issues cause constrains in the institutions, both in terms of accommodations and economic pressures (Albrecht, 2012). The problem of overcrowding therefore calls for the authority to examine the criminal policy that determines the kind and punishment in the society and the course of criminal

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