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There are many lessons that could be learned in life. In the Alchemist and the Road Not taken, the theme is you should go after your goal because one day it could be to late. The authors tell the stories in different forms but use very similar methods to do so. In this essay I will tell how they developed there themes. One way they developed the theme was by choosing a certain goal. For example in the alchemist Santiago just wanted to figure out his personal legend, but in the road not taken he goal was to take the path less traveled. “Oh, I’ll keep the first for another day!”(Robert, frost). From this quote you could tell that he choose the second path. This supports the theme because to achieve a goal you have to choose a path that you want to take to achieve that goal. So this is just one way that the two different authors developed their theme in the stories.…show more content…
For each story they face challenges on each of their journeys. Some of the challenges are good for them and some of them are bad for them. Either way they contributed to the overall theme of the story. For example “He was no longer a shepherd, and he had nothing, not even the money to return and start everything over again.’( Paulo Coelho). From this quote you could tell that Santiago who is the main character of the Alchemist had to go through some type of challenge. His challenge was that he got robbed of all of his money and was stuck in town he new nothing about and had no where to go so he had to get a job. So basically if you ever want to get somewhere there will always be setbacks it is just how you handle the set backs. This is just another way that both of these authors used similar ways to get their themes across to us the

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