Organized Crime Groups In Prison

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Throughout the past decades, The United States have experienced its fair share of organized crime and violence. The most popular and published by the media are the mobs, cartels and terrorists. These organized crime groups engage in illicit activities in local cities, states, and even countries. However, one group that lacks attention is organized crime groups in prison. With the increasing number of prisoners, it is no wonder that criminal empires are being formed while prisoners are actually being detained for prior criminal acts. In this paper I am going discuss the history of organized prison groups with an emphasis on the Aryan Brotherhood. I will outline the structure, criminal activities and deterrence’s being made by local and federal…show more content…
The first known American prison gang was The Gypsy Jokers formed in the 1950s in Washington state prisons (Fleisher, Decke, 2001). It wasn’t too long after the Gypsy Jokers formed in the 1950’s, that America would see the first prison gang with nationwide ties. That gang was the Mexican Mafia, which emerged in 1957 in the California Department of Corrections (Fleisher, Decke, 2001). Since then there has not been a shortage of organized crime and gangs within the penal system. Gangs such as Barrio Azteca Black guerilla family, Deadman Incorporated, Neta, Hermanos de Pistol Eros Latinos, Public Enemy Number One, Mexican Mafia, also known as La Eme, Nazi Low Riders, Mexikanemi, also known as Texas Mexican Mafia, Nuestra Familia, The Texas Syndicate, and the Aryan Brotherhood, range in the hundreds of thousands of members. They are classified as the largest and perhaps the most dangerous prison gangs within the United States prison system. The members of these gangs joined for a variety of reasons, and have to go through certain initiation processes to become a validated gang…show more content…
They are unsure of their existence in prison, how they will survive, the prisoner code of conduct and what to expect from fellow prisoners and officers. Just like in the free world when we are not sure, we find someone who knows the answers. This is seen all too much in prison. Vulnerable and impressible inmates look to each other for protection and survival. They turn to others whom they believe offer them something; unfortunately it comes at a price. They soon find themselves wrapped up in violence and the gang life. They soon become another statistic and contribute to the growing number of gangs in prison. One gang that stands out is the Aryan Brotherhood also known as The Brand. The Aryan Brotherhood is known for their violence inside and outside the prison walls. They are also considered the largest and most violent gang within the penal system. However, according to the FBI the gang makes up less than 1% of the prison population, but yet is responsible for up to 26% of murders in the federal prison system (Barnhart, 2009). But who are the Aryan Brothers and how did they evolve into a criminal

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