Youth Gangs In America

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the past decades, youth gangs have been present in American society. Also, street gangs have been and will always be a problem in America. There is no an exact definition agreement upon gangs in the United States. According to Bilchik, street gangs include both youth gangs and adult criminal organization, which is why their violent crime are very serious. (1999). The National Gang Center said that street gangs are often creating fear among citizens and policymakers (2009). Gangs are formed by three or more members, generally with the age of twelve to twenty four. They make up their names and symbols in order to identify themselves as a gang member. These symbols can be style of clothing, graffiti, hand signs, tattoos, and their different criminal…show more content…
A juvenile gang is a group of people that usually share a common identity and are generally engage in criminal behavior. However, the activities of gangs are characterized by some level of organization and the involvement in different types of crime (Seiter, 2005). Some gangs, but not all, have strong leadership, formalized rules, and extensive use of common identifying symbols. Also, they are formed within racial and ethnic groups. Law enforcement reported that gang members in 2008 were made up of approximately 32 groups of African American and 52 groups of Hispanics (Seiter,…show more content…
The youth gangs usually accompanied by economic and educational problems that cannot be solved. The degree of youth gang violence reaches such proportions that even they have been compared with great experience-ranked or criminals. Youth gangs have control because of the program that the community and the law enforcement has created. After I graduate, I would like to be a security officer. These youth gangs, in some point, can relate to a security officer job or task. For example, some employers require security officers to receive several weeks of training at a police academy. All school security officers participate in regulate training programs on issues pertaining to school security, juvenile law, child abuse, child psychology, youth gangs, drug abuse, parent relations, stress management, and other important

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