The Pros And Cons Of Criminal Groups

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In the twenty-first century, organized criminal groups have been formed, and still, other new illegal groups are being formed on a daily basis. These criminal groups exist in almost every country from developed countries to developing countries. Governments, United Nations organizations, non- governmental organizations, and religious groups are unable to abolish and stop these groups. These groups are the threat to national and international security since they are involved in committing organized crimes. The running of these criminal groups is similar, and the activities they are engaged in differ a bit. They have a strict code of conduct where each member must adhere and in case one breaks the code the penalty is death or severe punishment. Most of them are involved in drug trafficking as their primary source of finance, gang…show more content…
The main aim of formation was to protect the white inmates from other gangs in that prison (Price, 2005). During this time there was a lot of violence and chaos in the United States, which made more people to be sentenced in prisons for causing that violence. The white inmates were tired of being harassed by black gangs in the prisoner who acted as they rule the prison and they decided to organize themselves together for protection purposes. They formed the Aryan Brotherhood, which turned to be the most feared gang in prison up to date. Not every white inmate could join the gangs; one has to be selected to join the gang under high scrutiny they believed in exclusivity (Brook, 2011). Their motto was “Blood in, blood out” meaning that to become a member you have to kill or attempt to murder a Mexican or black prisoner and once you join the group you cannot quit unless you are dead. This killing was the test for courageousness and loyalty to the group to ensure that they recruit the most violent members who do not fear

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