How Does Tupac Violence Affect Society

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One of the hardships in America today is the violence brought upon by gangs. Gangs are groups of individuals who claim control over a domain in a community and engage in acts of illegal behavior. They began forming in the 1920’s and continue to expand today. On average, there are 33,000 operating gangs with 1.4 million members. The dominant location for gangs is within large cities and suburban counties, which accounts for two-thirds of the nation. There are an average of 2,000 deaths caused by gang violence every year. One of these deaths was a successful rapper, Tupac Shakur, by a Compton gang in Las Vegas, Nevada. Even though his death remains unsolved, the life, death and music of Tupac still lives today. Tupac Shakur, also known by his…show more content…
On their way to a nightclub after the fight, a white Cadillac pulled up to Knight’s black BMW and opened fire to the men. In the passenger seat, Tupac was shot four times and the driver, Knight, was struck by a bullet fragment in the head. The two victims were rushed to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas that night. Knight only suffered minor injuries and was released the next day. The doctors had to remove Tupac’s right lung due to internal bleeding on September 8th. He was then placed under a medically induced coma along with a respirator to decrease pressure on his body. A few days later on September 13th, Tupac Shakur was pronounced dead due to respiratory failure and cardio-pulmonary arrest. The following day, the rapper’s family cremated his body and had a private funeral in Las Vegas. Many investigators believe the suspects were from a gang that he encountered the day of the shooting. After the boxing match, Shakur and his Death Row retinue got into a fight with a young black man that was captured on the MGM Grand security cameras. Shortly after the quarrel is when the shooting occurred. Investigators believe the young black man Tupac got into a fight with was a member of the gang that shot him in the Cadillac. The suspects of the rapper’s death remain unknown (Rolling

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