Prison Film Analysis

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In this Film the reference it was referring to was male inmates and prisons because the movie was showing what it was like going to jail while Derek was being incarcerated. What points this part out is that while there are a lot of men in jail including violent ones there is a chance that most of them could get raped by somebody including a person who is in the same room or cell for example in the movie Derek was raped by a group of men who were from a prison gang called the Aryan brotherhood a white only gang that operates in and outside of prisons, after the guard saw what was happening he just closed the door like he saw nothing and did not call for help until Derek was knocked out knowing that the guard didn’t stand a chance against…show more content…
What else was related in this movie in my class discussion was prison culture because the prisoners always mention something called the inmate code it’s a rule that inmates follow while in jail prison or serving time and how to survive like Do your own time, never rat on someone or snitch them out and be tough for example I watched a show called beyond scared straight I remembered that on one of the episodes one of the inmates asked one of the teenagers who gave them him drugs after he told them one of them sad he ratted that person out and he was acting like a snitch and told them the rule that the inmates follow is snitches get stitches . Because in the movie after Derek came out of the hospital wing of the prison he was avoiding the gangs who he use to be with and while he was being raped two codes that I thought of fit in that category, on page166 the two codes that are related to the this incident is don’t interfere with inmate interest and don’t trust guards or things that they stand for. The reason that this movie coincide with the topic I chosen for this class because in most jails prisons regardless what level they are on from local federal

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