A Raisin In The Sun Literary Analysis Essay

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“A Raisin in the Sun” Drama Analysis In Lorraine Hansberry play “A Raisin in the Sun” is built around all the conflict that money has brought to the family whether it’s good or bad. These characters had the biggest effect from the money: Walter Lee, Mama, and Beneatha. In the beginning it starts when Walter Lee is waiting for the money to come in. So he can invest in a liquor store. He wants to do that because he sees it as an opportunity and believes that the business will blow up and make a lot of money. But the Conflict happens when Willy did not meet bobo at the train station so they can go to Springfield and spread money around so they wouldn’t have to wait so long for a liquor license (1022-1023). Because of Walter taking 6,500 of the total 10,000 it is all gone now, “That money is made out of my father’s flesh…” (1023). Because of that he learned from his mistake and used what he learned later on in the story. And that was not even his money to invest in, it was his sister’s money for school.…show more content…
But when Mama comes back after buying the house conflict appears when Lindner comes to the house trying to bribe them and saying that it will be a bad idea if they move-in. Because the Walter’s will be the only black one’s living there. So, he tries to talk them out of moving over there, so it would not be any problems in the community (1018-1019). After that Walter and Mama, meets up with Mr. Linder again so they can get things straighten out (1031-1032). And after some talking, everything eventually becomes alright and the Walter’s moves into their new home

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