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A gang is an organization involving three or more people who share common signs, symbols, or gang name. Gang members are recruited from ages ranging twelve to twenty four years old. Correctional institutions use the term security threat group, instead of gangs, to take the power of criminal activities within the prison. There are traditional and non-traditional prison gangs. Prison gangs began as a way for prisoners to protect themselves from rival gangs, just as females inmates do with pseudo families. Gangs are important because they link between street gangs and drug trafficking organizations. Based on the Hispanic, African-American, and Caucasian supremacy gangs, they tend to stick to their own kind. The only time that different race and gangs come together in prison is because of the deal of making money. Examples of types of gangs includes Aryan Brotherhood, Black Guerilla Family, La Neustra Familia, Mexican Mafia, Neta, and Texas Syndicate, are just few of our well known gang groups. One common thing that all gangs have is their structure, usually teenage males with similar ethnic or racial backgrounds, loyalty and adherence to a strict gang code, established hierarchy, identify local territory, and ongoing recruitment.…show more content…
The gang was formed to protect their Caucasian prisoners from the Hispanic and African American prisoners. They display Nazi characteristics while believing in white supremacy of those of the German and Irish decent. Aryan Brotherhood has deep hatred for African Americans, yet they will only associate with them to encourage prison outbreaks and disturbances, drug transactions, and for extortion. They are well organized, and the most violent and feared, known for strangling victims with their bare hands or gouging a persons’ eyes out. Their goal is “getting high and getting over”, on the other hand, making prison as comfortable as possible for

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