Positive Impacts Of Social Media

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Social Media is a big source of energy in this present world where every person has a right to approach with his thoughts and plans for making awareness in the society. This brings many positive changes in the society helping many people to lead a peaceful life .A common person can be transformed from a normal person to famous leader helping the society with good cause. It mainly reflects what he is and his motive behind making big changes in the society. A quote which attracted me the most is "You are what you share."Charles W.Leadbeater has given this beautiful quote. It is very much true as it reflects u. For instance let’s take the social networking sites which are prominently being used now days. There are many societies which are…show more content…
This also helps the society in bringing up the issues to the leaders for the solution. One small cause in an underdeveloped place can also reach to the nations and leaders through these net working sites. The result is carried out fast. For example at the time of disaster where people cannot be reached, the information is reached to all the nations .This helps the government to reach all the financial efforts to be brought to help them. This is possible in minutes because of the social media. There are many poor countries where the help from other nations is carried out because of the social media. Efforts are being made by neighboring countries to help them out under any circumstances thus reflecting the unity of all nations at any point. In some nations social causes are also carried out for developing countries like child education, unemployment problems. Thus social media causes a lot of awareness on people living in deferent parts of the world on all the current issues where they can reach out to other people or nation expressing their…show more content…
There are widely used social net working sites in the present world like twitter, face book, blogs, wikis etc. The nation starts using these sites at a young age only. These are very user friendly and can be handled by people of any age. The youngsters use this for many reasons. For instance now it’s widely used for interacting with friends and family. I am an example for this. Having not moved from my home country before, I have a very good relationship with my family and friends. Now after coming to Unites states these networking sites really helped me to reach out to my parents and well wishers. I have an option to video chat with them daily convey them through my pictures about my life here. I also upload many pictures showing them the culture, weather; infrastructure of this new country. It personally brings happiness to the family knowing how happy we are. There are friends whom I can guide them in many ways through these net working sites. For instance if a person wants to pursue an education in other country I reach out to him through these sites helping him for the documentation and other process. There are many groups involved in these sites which show their interests and talents by conducting different

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