The Importance Of Mass Media Development And Literacy

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Jasmaign McGowan 9/24/2017 Mass Media, Development and Literacy Hum/186 Mass Media has a great effect on society and how people live daily. Because of mass media our day to day living is simplified in many ways. Mass Media “are the cultural industry and the channels of communication, that produce and distribute songs, novels, TV shows, newspapers, movies, video games, internet services and other cultural products to large numbers of people.” Some of the major developments in the evolution of mass media during the last century is, digital and electronics. There was a transformation from the telegraph and telephone. From the development of the telephone came fax machines and cell phones. Before this people were communicating…show more content…
Social media can deliver negative information regularly, things and situations that may be sacred to someone can be found and…show more content…
Things like this can cause people to be insecure and go into a depression. Social media has also affected children in negative ways, there has been online bullying, where someone post something negative about a child and its shared around social media, kids can be afraid to come to school and become depressed because of this and there are some cases where children have committed suicide due to social media bullying. The media is a central force in shaping our culture. Without media and the different forms of media there would be less growth and change. I believe it is important that there is always growth in how to deliver information, and for our culture to be engaged in the world we live in and to also find ways to make things better. Our form of media today wouldn’t be possible without the start of media, from the newspapers, to the radio system and the telephones. Each form of mass media improved for the better and allowed more access for us all to communication and receive information. This called media convergence “the merging of previously distinct media technologies and media forms resulting from digitization and computer networking. “Without television and telephones, there would be no lap tops, computers, iphones,

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