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Howard Schultz, Starbucks An American businessman, Howard Schultz is the CEO and chairman of Starbucks. Schultz was born on July 19, 1953, in Brooklyn, New York. Howard Schultz went through difficult times and different types of challenges before becoming the chairman of the famous coffee company Starbucks, today he is considered a true entrepreneur. Howard Schultz was born in a low-income family, so Howard dreamed about becoming successful one day because he watched his parents struggled many times with finding jobs. Howard Schultz got an athletic scholarship to Northern Michigan University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, the first family member to graduate from college. Later in his life, Schultz meets the original…show more content…
Well Starbucks not only offers their customers the chance to enjoy a quality coffee with their innovate system but also offers a great environment inside their stores. Starbucks is a store that offers the chance to sit, work, and relax, also to go in your way home, in a rush or just to talk. Howard says that Starbucks is a different company that brought a feeling of connection to customers. But how Howard did Starbucks environment so comfortable? When he was traveling in Milan and Italy he wanted to bring the idea of a coffee bar to America, where only fast food restaurants were offering a social environment. Howard Schultz wanted to create a place where customers can get quality in short time and to feel comfortable at their…show more content…
When Howard was a child, he watched his father trying hard to find a job. Later Howard remembers when his father broke his leg and that is why he say, “I saw my father losing his sense of dignity and self-respect. I am sure that this was caused mostly by the fact that he has been treated as an ordinary working man.” – Howard Schultz. That is why Starbucks cares for their people, and is provide with strong values. Howard Schultz knows that if you treat your people with respect and keep them happy they would keep the customer happy

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