Essay On Effects Of Social Media On Youth

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The article ‘What are the effects of social media on youth’ by Nick McGillivary is focused on how social media influenced people to live in modern lifestyle rather than an ancient lifestyle. Social media evolved into a daily lifestyle. However, some people think that modern lifestyle could be either positive or negative. The three main changes of modern lifestyle are education, easily influenced and lack of emotional control. Firstly, the education with social media on youth has positive impacts on their lifestyle. Bringing cells phone to school has been one of the main points in the world. According to (Kori Morgan) (4) the Internet could help to energize education. I feel that teacher teach us it would be very easy for us to engage…show more content…
Youth will be very distracting when comes to studies. According to (Chhandita Chakravarty, 2017 Jan 6) I believe social media are too addicting to youth, therefore they lack time of studying for the upcoming exam, instead of studying they would rather choose to play social media to entertaining them on daily life. This is why nowadays student committed suicide due of getting low grades for studies, they are afraid of face to their parents for result, therefore, this is how student got depression and anxiety on studies, they started to self-harming themselves for cutting themselves or taking a morphine pills to make them high to release the depression, pain, and stresses. Last but not least, according to (Rachel.S,2016 Aug 19) these days of youths especially girls who are the self concern on their own body, even though I was a girl I wouldn’t care for the body image because it is waste of time, be more appreciated for what you have in your own life. Thus, most of the social platform is from facebook,snapchat or Instagram, this is to compare themselves to others or to be likely to their role models such as celebrities or friends, this is why they started feeling disappointed on themselves or envy the friends for having such a perfect body goals. Teen’s female started to feel pressure on them, therefore they fritter away money for buying cosmetic materials, and

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