Positive Behaviour Support Research Paper

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Positive Behaviour Support The Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) also known as the Positive Behaviour Intervention Support (PBIS) is a behaviour management system used to evaluate and understand what maintains a person’s behaviour. It can also be defined as a framework used to create behavioural support and ensure all students in learning institutions achieve social, economical and academic success. It is important to deeply understand behaviour in order to understand behaviour management systems. Behaviour can thus be understood as mannerisms made by individuals in relation to their internal and external environments. Understanding the direct corelation between the individual, his internal environment such as his emotions and his external…show more content…
It aims for the students who do not respond to primary prevention techniques. It also aims at the students who are not easily integrated into the inclusiveness aspect of the primary prevention level. The commonly used strategies at this level include social support through clubs, academic support through assigning tutors and instruction in skill deficit areas. The skill deficit areas which are communication, social and self-management skills are often overlooked and undervalued. Psychologists suggest that these may in fact be the core limitations to good behaviour. This leads to students not performing the appropriate behaviour even where they are conscious of what is expected. Other times the students may have the skills for appropriate behaviour but choose not to due to internal and emotional factors. In other cases, students may have a medical condition that hinders behaviour , this is a performance deficit. In a few occasions, students experience a combination of skill and performance deficit. Students are taught to identify which skill they particularly lack. If they have a skill deficit, they are first taught on the different skills and then how to implement them. If they have a performance deficit, then they are taught about how to implement the skills they already have. Finally, students are taught on self awareness. This enables them to know their personal responsibility and role in their own
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