Factors That May Be Used To Misbehave In The Classroom

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Control In the controlling approach that is targeted at behaviour, the teacher has to set the precedent for the appropriate behaviour. When the behavioural standards are inadequate in the classroom environment will be met with consequences like detention. If the behavioural standards are beyond the expectation of the teacher, the students may receive rewards to encourage the behaviour. This sort of approach is based around what the teachers do to the students and any other factors that may lead to kids misbehaving are disregarded. The position and authority of a teacher is what a "controlling teacher" relies on the most. If a student were to misbehave in a classroom with a controlling approach teacher, they would get sent to detention for…show more content…
Pedagogy and behaviour management are more dominant with this approach. If a teacher has the ability to have a good rapport with their students, they do not need to focus as much on behaviour management as the students will behaviour more appropriately for a teacher they like. If students were to misbehave with this type of teacher, a rational consequence would be dealt; if a student was throwing paper around, as punishment they would be asked to pick up all the rubbish in the classroom. Support: The supportive approach isn't like the controlling or management approach because the focus is on teaching and supporting students in appropriate behaviour. If a student were to misbehave in this case, the teacher would look into their actions. The student would be made have a personal talk with the teacher about what they did and go over the rules of behaviour. 1. Positive Relationship - Before you begin the year, think what kind of teacher you want to be and what you want to do for the students. From there you can attempt to develop and build good rapport based of respect with the students. This can be accomplished by relating to the students on a more personal…show more content…
- No running with sharp objects. - All phones are to be left on the teachers desk at the start of each lesson, unless their is an emergency, which should be discussed with the teacher before the commencement of the class. Phones do NOT substitute as a calculator! 3. Physical Environment - Before beginning the school year, organise the layout of the desks, this should be set up so that it facilitates learning and student participation. Make sure your classroom has all the utilities. Consider how and where most of your teaching is going to occur. The following classroom would be effective for group lessons; have the desks arranged in groups of four to five with the board easily visible, have all the equipment layed out on the desks for the students. Provide your answer here Correct behaviour is important for a successful classroom but if the sole focus is correction, it will build a negative relationship for teacher and student. If good behaviour is not acknowledged or rewarded, the students will be less likely to act in this way again. Hence emphasising both correction and acknowledgement is important as a

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