Revolutionary War Vs English Civil War

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Throughout history there have been many wars fought between many different countries. Some of these wars included the English Civil War, American Revolution, and the French Revolution and each war was in a different time period with different circumstances. Each of these occurrences had a different effect and helped shaped our world today. Theses wars were recorded in history and are defined by the results, aftereffects and how they differ from one another. To fully understand what happened during this time period one must compare and contrast how these events occurred. The English Civil War resigned in the year of 1642 and ended in 1648. It was a fight between the ruling of kings as well as parliament. It went on many times and the ending…show more content…
King Charles the second created the declaration of indulgence. This document suspended the laws that parliament created to defend against Catholics. While the document was chosen in 1672 parliament refused to let the king create such a declaration, they forced it to be suspended. After the death of King Charles the second, James the second was crowned. He appointed Catholics to high positions of government, interfering with parliament’s attempts to ward off Catholics. One of his daughters, Mary and William of orange, were asked to invade England in the hopes of pushing Catholicism out of England. William and Mary chased James along with his family out of England which came to be known as the glorious revolution. William and Mary seized the thrown and sign the bill of rights which allowed parliament to make decisions along with the government. This agreement would be known as the limited (constitutional) monarchy. Therefore this ended the English Civil War era. The American Revolution took place in mid-18th century. This war was more or less between the American’s and the British. The two argued who should govern the empire created by William Pitt Delder. William wanted to expand the British Empire and sought out to do…show more content…
In 1787 fifty-five delegates met to discuss revising the article of confederation. Revising happened to be the plan, it was rejected and the decision was to create a new constitution. The end result of the United States constitution was divided into three branches. The first branch was controlled by an elected president to veto acts, execute laws, and other forms of power. The second branch is called the Senate and House of Representatives. Then the third branch was made up of the Supreme Court. In March, 1789 congress created the first 10 amendments to the constitution known as the bill of rights. These rights guaranteed the freedom of religion, speech, press, petition, assembly, right to bear arms and protection. This concluded the American

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