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“Every person has free choice. Free to obey or disobey the Natural Laws. Your choice determines the consequences. Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices”- Alfred A. Montapert. Choices play a huge role in every single person’s life. There are choices that are burdensome, ambitious, or even effortless to make. Some choices are straightforward, while others are more troublesome. Eveline and Connie both had identical choices to make. Their first option was to run off with some boy and tread on new waters. The second option was to stay back in familiar territory. Eveline was the girl who decided to stay, while Connie followed through the first option. Many factors inspired each girl’s decision such as their values,…show more content…
From this we can easily say that, Eveline and Connie both had an indistinguishable decision to make, yet the fine details that brought them to their conclusion were significantly different. Some might argue, that you can learn about a person through the choices they make. The decisions people act upon are like windows into their vast personality. Connie was a young teenage girl in the 1950s or 60s set in suburbia America. Women still held traditional roles in the household such as domestic duties or taking care of the children. Some of the few jobs women had during that time period were nursing or becoming a secretary. However, during this time, the “sexual revolution”, was just slowly starting to turn gears. Connie valued her looks above all else about herself. Her actions included spending a great deal of time fixing her hair or doing her makeup. Instead of completing her chores…show more content…
Why was Connie so comfortable with skipping her responsibilities (chores)? She did not have a depressing lifestyle like Eveline. Connie and her family were presumably middle class since they lived in the suburbs which was near a mall and a city. Connie’s relationship with her mother is complicated but not abusive nor restrained. Her mother nags Connie a lot about not doing her chores and only worrying about her superficial looks. Connie’s mother also has a habit of comparing Connie to her sister, June. June was following the traditional role of women like her and Connie’s mother. She completed her chores, held a respectable job (for women), and was now in “waiting” for a husband. Connie vowed her life would never be like theirs. There are times though where Connie and her mother do casually sit with one another and talk with ease. Which proves to us their relationship is not as abusive as it seems. Unfortunately, Eveline’s mother has passed on which puts the house burdens on her. With her mother gone, the only living parent in the house is Eveline’s father. He often spent his days drinking, spouting verbal abuses at Evelin, and sometimes even physically abusing her younger brothers. He made life at home rough for Eveline which made the idea of running away even more

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