Snows Of Kilimanjaro

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Self Determination and Snows of Kilimanjaro Common Sense by Thomas Paine was a popular book during the Revolutionary War times. Written in 1776, Thomas Paine was attempting to encourage the citizens and soldiers to fight the English government and declare their independence. He attempted to tell that it was common sense to want their independence, and the English were simply using them. Self determination was practiced commonly at that time, with people deciding how they would handle the English, which would change their lives. Self determination means that you chose to do it as an individual. Nobody else made the decision for you, it was purely your decision. Self determination might mean nothing to a person, as they may just be a follower, or the right to decide their own fate may be the most important thing in the world.…show more content…
In the short story, there are two characters, Harry and his wife Helen. Harry and Helen are both trapped on Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. It opens with Harry dying of gangrene, and his wife talking to him. It becomes clear that Harry is an author, and has many regrets about what he could’ve written in the past, “He had seen the world change; not just the events; although he had seen many of them and had watched the people, but he had seen the subtler change and he could remember how the people were at different times. He had been in it and he had watched it and it was his duty to write of it; but now he never would.” (Hemingway). The readers also see that Harry is unkind to his wife, and seemingly most women that he interacts with, and spends multiple occasions in the story berating his wife. Harry has a few flashbacks of his past, where we find out more about his selfish, unkind character. Later on, Helen falls asleep, and upon waking up in the morning, she finds Harry dead of his
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