Shaviour Change Models: Smoking And Behavior Change Model

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Running head: SMOKING AND BEHAVIOR CHANGE MODEL Smoking and Behavior Change Model Psych 1111 University of the People February 21, 2018 SMOKING AND BEHAVIOR CHANGE MODEL 2 Abstract Behavior change does not happen overnight. Like every change, it undergoes different steps until you decided to unlearn the past behavior and realize you are taking the right path. There are some external factors that can help individual for their changes such the mass media, family members, peers, or to be with people we wanted to behave like them. On the other hand, the use of fear was being effective for change. However, there are some instances that emotional appeal is no longer effective as individuals are more immune to this strategy. This paper will examine…show more content…
In fact, there are countries around the world that ban the cigarette commercials, disallowing minors to buy and use cigarette and every country has different warnings in every pack of cigarette regarding how cigarette can cause serious diseases. Moreover, there are also places around the world that ban the use of cigarette in public places as second hand smoking is more dangerous to health. Despite the effort of each country to warn people regarding the side effect of smoking, smokers cannot easily through a cigarette and promise not to smoke again. In fact, behavior change needs too much determination to achieve. In this paper, I will use the Learning Theory in examining smoking behavior and the role of mass media in information dissemination. Learning Theory and Smoking According to Ogden (2017), “changing behaviour therefore involves unlearning the old behaviour and learning the new behaviour” (p. 29). Furthermore, the three mechanisms are modeling, reinforcement, and association. In modelling, we change our behavior due to someone or something we saw in mass media that became so influential in our mindset. A smoker,…show more content…
To be more effective, we often use images to associate something. In the case of smoking where there are pack of cigarettes which use images of cancer in the pack of cigarettes as part of their anti – smoking campaign. These association might have an effect to other smokers where these images will retain in their memories and associating them when they can hear or think the word such as “cigarette, smoke, puff, tobacco, and so on”. SMOKING AND BEHAVIOR CHANGE MODEL 5 These three key mechanisms can be added to change cognition and how we think, and it will form a Cognition Behavioral Therapy (CBT) where it uses one of the approach called “Socratic questions” in which one will find evidences to support its claim. In the health - related behavior such as smoking, one will do research regarding the harmful effect of smoking and uses this research to justify why he needs to stop smoking. Another strategy under CBT is the relapse prevention that is mostly used to change addiction (Ogden, 2017). Is proven that smoking is addictive in which people who smoke has difficulty quitting and those who quitted have tendency or returning to the old smoking behavior. The relapse prevention uses

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