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Strengths: Ethical justification for Existence: Any official entity that operates in the market place (whether profit driven or not) requires some form of justification for its existence. This justification sets the course of the said enterprises operations, objectives and communications within the given segment. Thus, Play Your Part, as run by Brand South Africa, establishes a major strength in making its sole reason for being an ethical endeavour. This primary objective mandates the buy-in of the South African people as well as its governing bodies. Brand Identity: A corporation’s commitment to a consistent presentation of their brand identity across all consumer touch points reflect a strong communications structure as well as a well-established…show more content…
South Africa is recognized for its cultural multiplicity and ethnicity, giving rise to the expression ‘Rainbow Nation’. Play Your Part, exacerbates the preexisting unity expressed throughout South Africa via its zeitgeist as established post-1994. In other words, activism has played its role in creating an oikos within the fact that we are all so diverse, this unity ultimately assists South Africa’s vision and direction and as part of this ‘Ubuntu’ vision Play Your Part mends what has been previously…show more content…
This reflects the core essence of Play Your Part initiative. Brand South Africa’s vision is to be the authority of national identity, and having a unified country will supplement to the campaigns objective. Demand for media based products: There is a increase in consumer demand for media based products, Brand South Africa has the chance to act on this opportunity by engaging with South African and those within the international sector by improving their social media presence. Play Your Part should take initiative to take advantage of media based products. This essentially will raise awareness of all the South Africa has to offer, and encourage positive contribution towards nation building and ultimately foreign investment.

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