Rise Of Social Media Essay

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The rise of social media has left an impact on our society, changing the way we interact with people and the way we get our news. It has also changed the way people influence one another; in other words, social media has increased the influence of an average person which was not possible in the past. Take Facebook for example, since its founding in 2004, the number of users has increased exponentially to 1.23 billion monthly users. Almost every websites that provide information allows their readers to share on Facebook what they have read with only a click of a button. Users can also ‘like’ almost anything they see on the internet. Traditional media such as newspapers, and news on television are monitored by the government. News that got released to the public usually put the government in a favorable position. Which made it hard for the people to come in contact with different sides of the stories. With social media coming into play, Singaporeans are able to easily obtain information they could not in the past with traditional media. Gaining access to these…show more content…
These information, together with a more educated population and better standards of living, has fueled a different in mindset towards the government than that of the earlier generation. It is a social phenomenon where people starts to feel they have right to demand for benefits as the successes in the human race have encouraged their self-worth. With activists advocating against the government, many people have been influenced to join in the protests as well. As shown in previous instances, the people does not react well to aggressive approaches by the government. However there are citizens that disagree with the activists, thus the best approach now is to not do anything as the voices of the people can prove to be stronger than the

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