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In this task I will be discussing the different socio-economic issues in our country and why we need CSR programs (Corporate Social Responsibility Programs) to help make a difference. I will then be discussing Debonairs Pizza’s CSR program as well as do a SWOT analysis on the fast-food franchise. This franchise is part of Famous Brands Ltd and also a part of their commitment to Social Responsibility. WHAT IS CSR? (CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY) This is a business or company takes responsibility for its effects on the environment and impact on the social welfare. The company usually gets out of its comfort zone and makes an effort beyond what is required by regulators or environmental protection programmes. CSR doesn’t necessarily provide…show more content…
 They also have a hot-or-not dot , and if the dot isn’t red anymore and turns black (this meaning your delivery is cold) you receive the pizza for free, this garuntees us quality pizza.  Debonairs Pizza play a big part in CSR and their “Dough Nation” programme inspires people and encourages them to buy from Debonairs so they contribute to the less fortunate as well.  People like Debonairs as they have delicious quality pizza’s and have done nothing but improve over all the years it has existed  Debonairs has their own app to order pizza’s too, so this shows they are up to date with their technology so they can easily communicate with their target market. WEAKNESSES:  Debonairs has a lot of competition, some being Panarottis Pizza and Scooters pizza, as well as all other restaurant/fast-food places.  Debonairs doesn’t have a drive through, so for some people they find it inconvenient to walk into the restaurant and order as well as wait a while for their…show more content…
Debonairs could create a drive-through service in very big city areas, they would make a lot of money They could try and create more specials so that the customers are happier with the prices that they pay. The more that the Debonairs franchise expands, the more that they can turn their franchise into a sit down restaurant or create new products They are updated with their technology so they can use that as an advantage to connect with the rest of the world and the technology friendly target market Because of their support of CSR programmes – they can create more programmes that people can support and help with. THREATS:  Other competition is a threat to Debonairs  People may become bored with Deboniars over time so they need to keep up their look and their app – and keep introducing new specials on pizza’s and subs etc.  They may be situated in place with pizza restaurants and other fast-food franchises and this can put pressure on them as they can loose a lot of money because the market area can be interested in the other places  Developing a new Debonairs in an area as well as new products, can be very costly.

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