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China was never a home to Jing-Mei. China was where her parents had lived before her, in their ‘other life’. To Jing-Mei America was the only place she could call home. She grew up in the states and never looked back. Her mother, Suyuan, before she had Jing-Mei had two older daughters, that happen to be twins. The mother went through a tough time back when she had the two little girls. Later in life, she passes away. In “A Pair of Tickets”, when read through a formalist lens, the theme that the right response to death can lead to a new lease on life is explored through the mother's death, Jing-Mei’s journey, and the fulfillment of the mothers wish. The mothers passing away had an impact on not just her husband and her daughter in America,…show more content…
That exactly what her daughter did, fulfill her mother's wishes. Although the mother had passed on, her husband and youngest daughter were able to fulfill her wishes and find her long lost twins. When her kids all finally got to meet up and get to spend time together that was when they knew they were fulfilling Syanu wishes. The mother always knew that they would find each other somehow she just never knew how they would. Their mother wanted them to make a bond that could never be broken. When the daughters all took a picture together, they did not necessarily look like their mother when they are apart; however, there is a resemblance of their mother in each of them when they are together. In “A Pair of Tickets” the theme responses to death cab lead to a new lease on life is explored through the mother's passing, Jing-Mei’s journey, and the fulfillment of the mother's wishes. With the mother passing in the story, the impacts her husband and daughter in a strong way. So strong that it took them out of the country to find their long-lost family. When traveling to China and finding her half-sisters made them see a piece of their mother’s in them all. They knew in that moment that they had fulfillment their mothers

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