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Introduction Haigh’s Chocolates is one of the top most chocolates makers in Australia with different varieties of chocolates like chocolate bars, holiday specials, loose chocolates, chocolates in boxes, confectionery, novelty etc. They cede price and quality guarantee. It was established by Alfred E Haigh in the year 1915. It was May 1st when the first store was opened at 34 King William Street, Adelaide. After Alfred’s death his son Claude took over the running business, which had by then grown to six stores. Later in 1946 Claude’s son, John Haigh, took the business to another level with a vision of making to new heights. He trained in Switzerland with Lindt and Sprungli and visited the US to look at production, styles and marketing and later…show more content…
(Kotler and Armstrong, 2012) The chocolates products at Haighs can be broken down into tangible products; products which are consumption products and merchandise products. The chocolates are hand made from fresh chocolate beans from the very beginning. Haighs, most of the competitors import chocolates instead of producing chocolates by themselves (Emmanuel O. A, Alistair P. Mark F. & Joselio V., 2008) Place-The various places the company undertakes to make the product accessible and available for the target customer (Kotler, 2009).To maintain their quality of chocolates and make fresh and authentic chocolates there are no store overseas, outside Australia. Price- The amount of money the customers must pay to obtain the product is price. (Kotler and Armstrong, 2012) Promotion- the activities that communicate the merits of the product and persuade target customers to buy it Competitors and their type (direct and indirect) Marketing mix to its…show more content…
The stores are located in the largest states of Australia; new south wales, Victoria, and, South Australia. Vast collection of chocolates in different shapes and size are available like bar chocolates, box chocolates, confectionery, loose chocolates etc. The prices of the chocolates are in all ranges starting from 80 cents to 100 dollars. There is a business relationship with Adelaide Zoo and Adelaide Airport, chocolates are being distributed to both the places (Birchall, 2013). Everyday free tours to the factory in Adelaide is organized for the public. Technology, resources are being finely function for the marketing plans. There are around 500 staffs and the staff at haighs are highly skilled and given special training. Staff use artisan skills combined with specialized chocolate making techniques to produce award winning chocolate from premium quality cocoa beans, sourced from around the world (Haigh’s Chocolates, 2014) Weakness-In spite of being the oldest family owned company in Australia, it could not receive certificate from the Fair Trade Foundation. It has only 14 outlets overall thus there is less awareness in Sydney compared to Adelaide. There is only one factory in Adelaide which supplies chocolates to all 14 stores. The ineptitude to enlarge their business even though they lead to low market share. The main disadvantage is

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