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2016 3682834 Anthony William Jones [MODULE: ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT] Facilitator: Fundiswa Miso Organisation Vodacom Background Vodacom is an African mobile communications company, which was founded in 1994. It's headquarted in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was previously owned by Telkom (50%) and Vodafone (50%). Vodafone then increased its stake to 65% and Telkom enlisted their remaining holdings (35%) on the (JSE) Johannesburg Stock Exchange. In addition to its presence is South Africa, Vodacom has operation networks in Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique and Lesotho. They were the first cellular provider to introduce LTE in South Africa. Environment Analysis Vodacom is aware of their dependence on…show more content…
The rollout of the strategy will be joined with the Group’s current health and safety strategy plans and operating model. They remain focused on reducing the impact they have on the environment and have continued to ensure compliance with the ISO 14001 system. Mobile phones are widespread across the world and continue to play a big role in people’s access to services and also stimulating economic development. Vodacom has a responsibility to ensure the proper handling, storing, treating and disposal of waste produced during the course of its business activities. They try to prevent and also minimise the amount of waste that gets left behind. They also try and reuse old electronic equipment. If old equipment or products is not able to be used again, it then gets sold to a recycling company. Those funds then get distributed to one of their…show more content…
The group's executive and senior management hold the majority of decision making power and maintain tight control over the company's departments and divisions. Vodacom's board of directors provides the company with their leadership and strategic vision. Vodacom's centralized organizational structure is designed to do two things: • To focus on Vodacom's key commercial and financial priorities, customer and commercial strength, leadership in data, brand advocacy, cost efficiency and shareholder returns. • To simplify the company's organization by increasing the span of control and simplifying the managerial governance. Vodacom has an unimpaired board of 13 directors, with 3 executive and 10 non-executive directors. Consultation and Participation The consulting only pertains to top management. If you not on top, you should just do as you told. So for most part, the process of direction is not being explained. Everything that is done comes from a higher level of management. Most of the work is done by the lower level. Top down, Bottom

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