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Critical literary: Picture books for children Student’s Name Institutional Affiliations Critical literary: Picture books The growth of the children literature is today characterized by immense changes in the way the curriculum is being delivered to them. For instance in the 19th century, picture books were not found in any of the book store, and hence it became very much difficult for the teachers to access the best and impeccable materials to help in the teaching and learning process of the kids and learners. (Barbara Z. et al, 2001.) States that picture books for children are the best materials which are well suited for the understanding capacity of these elementary level children. As a matter of fact, the stimuli that is sent…show more content…
This is a part cautionary tale condemns messiness and the story is quite interesting which make a person to laugh. I like the book as it tries to help children to avoid messiness and uphold tidiness. I would prefer to use this book to help the children to be orderly and tidy, and getting concerned about their school affairs. 4. Katy By Wilson, Jacqueline (2015) This is grade 5 and 6 picture book that is quite reflexive and educational. It talks about Katy who was once normal, but later there was so dramatic upheavals and flares in her life after a horrific accident that she finds her life upside down. Unexpected things happen in her life, and she marvels at her upside down life. I like the book since it is helpful in appreciating those with special needs. I would use the book in ethics especially when appreciating those with special needs and those who require our special attention. 5. The 65-Storey Treehouse By Griffiths, Andy; illustrated by Denton, Terry This picture book is in series form, and it is suitable for grade K-4 and K-5. This picture book revolves around a story of Andy and Terry who had an amazing tree house that has a lot of several other adventures. The book is interesting, and that is why I like it. When teaching comprehension, it is educational and easy to…show more content…
Children between 4-7 years are at a peak stage where they are learning language. Picture books are however paramount during this stage as the child’s brain is in the ravenous peak of language stimulation. On the video the lecturer explains the picture content in the book ‘The rabbits’ and shows how the pictures in the picture book would prompt criticism hence development of language. Secondly, they offer brain development to the child. The child is able to view the real world as it is. For instance, in the video provided, a picture book by the title ‘10000 Dresses’ is used as a demonstration on how a child used to judge on whether a certain picture was of a boy or girl. Through a picture of a person portrayed in a skirt most of them were able to discern that the picture belonged to a girl. Picture books are noble in ensuring children are learning well. If picture books are well used, critical literacy would be enhanced, and the child education in elementary level will seem easier and

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