Pros And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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features allow for our marketing to be more local based and provide an increase in viewings of our ads. This will help to increase the number of sales we have and in turn profit. Social media is a very useful form of marketing. Despite the easy life social media has provided for us all, it does come with a few drawbacks. Unlike other forms of marketing in which marketers retain control of the messaging, there’s no control on social media. This can be great if people love you or your business, but it can be a disaster if they don’t. Promoting our product on social platforms such as instagram may prove to be an issue. With the commenting feature, people can give negative feedback on our instagram page which other potential customers will be alerted…show more content…
Majority of our target market have devices such as the smartphone, and 4G mobile data to access the internet. On the internet, uwce students often open emails, and check various social medias because it is efficient to access, as well as because it is a form of entertainment and social interaction- with the smartphone and 4G data, watching our video can be accessed wherever the students are. So, wherever our target market is, whether they be at school, at home or the beach, they will receive our video. With easy access to our video, this will help to increase the popularity of our product because more people will watch our videos, this will help to develop more sales, and will result in profit. The students within our target market send videos to one another, and hopefully they will send our video to one another to increase the views of our video, which will help to increase the popularity of our product, and will help to develop more sales. Therefore, we believe that our video will be good enough to be ‘positively’ spread throughout the rest of our target…show more content…
Both these forms of marketing communications best suit my business's target market. My target market consists of students who rely on technology, and are routinely checking their phones for messages, facebook messages, snapchats, instagram posts etc. Teens within our target market spend an average of 6 hours on social media in one week, and on snapchat alone, 2 hours a week, so there are extremely high possibilities of our posts on snapchat about details on the product and ads promoting our product to be seen. This increases awareness for our product and will help to increase sales and profit. I find that video advertising and snapchat strongly complement one another. Video advertisements have very unique features that are highly engaging, and snapchat has features which allow us to deliver our video to the target market- other ways such as email and assemblies can be used to deliver our

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