What Does Nietzsche Mean By Apollonian And Dionysian

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What does Nietzsche mean by the ‘Apollonian’ and ‘Dionysian’? Use one artwork as a case study to test the usefulness of these concepts as interpretative tools. In this essay I will be looking at the question “What does Nietzsche mean by ‘Apollonian’ and ‘Dionysian’?” followed by choosing a piece of art and try and test the usefulness of these terms as to how to interpret art. “The terms Dionysian and Apollonian we borrow from the Greeks, who disclose to the discerning mind the profound mysteries of their view of art, not, to be sure, in concepts, but in the impressively clear figures of their gods.” This is how Nietzsche puts forth the term Apollonian and Dionysian in his book The Birth of Tragedy. These two terms are critical in helping us to describe art as either, happy or sad. I will be dividing this essay into four parts: 1.…show more content…
Define the words Apollonian and Dionysian 2. Look at what people think about Nietzsche’s view as well as his own 3. Critically analyse a piece of art and put to test the use of defining a piece of art as either Apollonian or Dionysian interesting Apollonian There are two definitions that I found in the dictionary for the word ‘Apollonian’ and they were: 1. Of or having to do with Apollo. 2. Regulated, measured, or disciplined: rational These two definitions start to give us a picture of what Apollonian means, however does this give us a fuller picture? Consequently I think that no it does not, because these two definitions starts to give us an idea of what it means. The Ancient Greek culture revolved around art in the forms of temples, statutes, drama, and much more. “Apollo is the patron of appearances in dream images. They help us make sense of our lives.” This statement that is given, makes sense in that to understand art, we need to imagine that we are a part of the picture and need to see the details. Dionysian I again found two definitions for the word Dionysian ( like the word Apollonian ): 1. Having to do with

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