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FAU Sports Calendar – case analysis By Pullalarevu, Niranjan Reddy (@03174361) SWOT Analysis :- Strengths: The commitment by the four marketing majors to work hard to make their project successful to meet their tuition fee. They have good marketing knowledge of starting the business, as they are from marketing background they have ampfull amount of necessary marketing research data available. They have done good amount of marketing analysis and chose the product which have no competition and chosen the market and place where it has absolute scope of sales that is Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Their way of advertising also contributing them with some amount of additional sales and renting of booths for FAU events…show more content…
FAU doesn’t has any official sports calendar if it click in the market and become famous among students it can become annual product for sale in the college stores. According to the survey 147 students are willing to shell out a maximum price of $8/ calendar and college stores are selling 3500 calendars at a price of $31905. (1500*9.95+2000*8.49) with this we can say average revenue per students as $1.45 (31905/3500). As the FAU store was willing to pay $9000 grand they can easily overcome their entire startup capital of…show more content…
If the calendar turned out to be the wrong product then the partners have to incur huge losses. As per the survey of Exhibit 2 76.9% of students are willing to buy the calendar which is slightly unacceptable may be they are exaggerating also. If the FAU charges any additional fee on the product then it will also add costs to the product. Sales can be reflected based on the performance of the athletes in sports. Targeting & Segmentation :- As per the survey in Exhibit 2 we can see 76.9% of them are willing to buy the product and of them 60.87% are females and rest are males so we can target more on feminine market. As the store results shows that only 20-29% of the people are buying the product we can expect the actual sales of 4400 to 6380 calendars. As the highest population of students who are attending the college are from Boca Raton our advertising and promotions have to be done mostly in this place for the events. So we can make sales of around 4000 calendars in this place and as remaining 19% of the students are from Davis we can expect sales of around 1212 calendars. Based on this data we can maintain our stock levels which will be helpful in perfect allocation of capital to other

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