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Scott McCloud’s ‘Understanding Comics’ is a comic book that informs the readers on clear definition and analysis of comics. McCloud explores the grammar of comic to represent time and emotion and extends the discussion onto how color can represent emotion and sensation. McCloud presents how words and images can interact in comics. McCloud starts the first chapter by explaining what a comic exactly is. According to him, a casual definition of comics is images in sequence, intended to convey information and to produce an aesthetic response in the viewer. He suggests that the Egyptian hieroglyphics, which reads from the left bottom corner to the right, would seem to fit into his definition of comics because Egyptian writings and drawings also were concerned with sequence. It seems that through his book, McCloud wants to emphasize that comics had been destroyed by the common perception that comics convey no meaning. By showing complexity of comics, he is able to show the audience that they…show more content…
Once pictures and words are put together, they should be placed on opposite sides. The combination of the two are often overlooked and seen as childish and not seeing how useful it can be. Language was becoming even more direct, conveying meaning quickly, more like pictures. He continues to convey his idea of how art is a product of the human lifestyle and our need for survival. Art is a method that allows us to express ourselves, and serves as an exercise for the mind and the body. McCloud also details how each piece of artwork, from comics to the high art of the Renaissance, are constructed from six steps – idea, form, genre, structure, craft, and surface – and only applying to all of these in a detailed fashion will any piece of artwork’s message truly and consistently be transmitted to another clearly. They help build art, which is used to communicate with others and express our inner to the outer

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