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The World According to Jared Diamond Presents a critical analysis of the book 'Guns, Germs, and Steel,' by Jared Diamond. The theme of the book is the factors underlying the broadest patterns in history; and the explanation for the dominance of western Europe over Eurasian societies. In McNeil's critical analysis he states that for three years straight Jared Diamond's book has been voted the most popular reading assignment by his freshman and international relations graduate students, it is a 427 page book and McNeil argues that the success is well-deserved for the first 19 chapters, minus the 20th chapter that he feels was not an intellectual success. McNeil finds the argument of Diamond's book to be that the distribution of wealth and power…show more content…
Mc.Neil states that Diamond's book takes on the "big picture" as the human experience as a whole. This article explains that most big picture histories haven't been written by people who are trained in history, Diamond's backgrounds was in physiology and evolutionary biology. Diamond's book argues for the possibility of a genuinely scientific history and Diamond felt that he could make inquiries ore scientific bt comparing the long term destinies of the continents. Diamond made the prediction that out of the next 1,000 babies born at the University of California-Los Angeles Medical Center, between 480 and 520 will be boys but he didn’t know if his own two children would be boys, Diamond's methods worked best on a larger scale. Diamond emerged the question as to why Europe was to dominate the rest of the planet. The competition, according to Diamond came from political fragmentation. Geography played a big role and China was supposedly led towards unity because of it's lack of difficult mountains and connectedness. Mc.Neil doesn't think that Diamond's geography is a sufficient explanation and only a

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