Mildred Barrow's Hall: My Temporary Home

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Mildred Barrows Hall, an all-female resident dormitory, housing over a hundred students. What I will call my temporary home for two semesters. A step inside this hall you inevitably see posters emphasizing the use of alcohol, dangerous relationships and rules I must follow. The rooms are not very spacious limiting my decorating options, but I still had space to embellish the room. Pictures of family went up first; positioning the pictures as a large heart in the middle of the wall. Additionally, posters of my different musical interest and cut-out quotes from magazines went up. Textbooks, notes and my laptop filled and cluttered my desk. As a college student, I viewed this room as a typical dorm, all the objects are there just to look appealing…show more content…
These honors I won, signifies my dedication to my education and its outcome. Nathan points out in the book that the door designs in her hall had one thing in common; none depicted anything educational such as academic honors (Nathan 26). What Nathan’s hall mates and I put in display, demonstrate the difference in our academic value. Furthermore, the famous quotes, “In this room we don’t do easy, we make easy happen by hard work & learning” and “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” are taped up in my dorm, in bright colors, making it hard to miss. Friends would walk into my dorm and ask why I have these up; I would simply answer, they are nice. However, I know now these quotes represent myself more than I expected. In the book, Nathan analyzes the quotes that were posted by the students; for example a few quotes stated: “Naked on Roller Skates” “Welcome to Crazy World” ”Friends Don’t let Friends Party Naked” (Nathan 24). Nathan states most of the quotes put up by these students, “create a carefully constructed impression of free-thinking and spontaneity and individuality” (Nathan 24). She would find it fascinating that my room does not have those typical “spontaneity” quotes, but educational and inspirational

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